Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Day 31/Jan 31: Snoopy

Before my son was born, a friend of mine gave him the cutest Snoopy blanket as a gift. I had wanted to buy a backup blanket, because I knew he would end up loving this blanket like crazy (which he does) and it would get worn with time and use. 

With that said, I contacted Nancy who makes these blanket (you can look her up: lovems1 on and she was able to make a replica with some changes. My friend had given me the Snoopy blanket with red minky and satin, which we changed to turquoise minky and black satin. It looks sooooooo awesome!! It really pops! And the turquoise lettering is beautiful! (the other blanket had black lettering) Both blankets are beautiful (I may have to post a pic of the red one later on).

When it came in the mail, I literally ripped the box open in the car and showed my son, who proceeded to squeal (too cute!) and gave tons of hugs and kisses to his Snoopy. Needless to say, he has not let it go since. He drags it EVERYWHERE in the house. LOL It's too cute. :0) Thanks Nancy for your amazing work!!!

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