Monday, January 16, 2012

Day 16/Jan 16: Giraffe in a Tree

My husband loves the African and Mediterranean themed home decor, so one of my favorite figures is this beautiful giraffe we have. I placed him next to the windowsill where I have this cute curly leaf plant and it looks like the giraffe is out in the wild eating some leaves. It's too cute! I used macro mode and had a good time getting the details of everything. And, for another day, Yay! to sunlight! :0)


  1. Awesome, the three photos on the right make it look as if he is posing for you c= Too cute! Love the different angles you got of it!

  2. Thanks :0) She's a poser alright! LOL

  3. Good job, girl! I'm so glad you found your macro settings. :)