Thursday, January 26, 2012

Day 26/Jan 26: Winter Road

I was out and about today with my son after his swim class and I decided to take some detours before we went home. On my way up this hill (on a very narrow road... very typical of Germany) this view made me literally stop the car, put the emergency lights on and step outside to snap some shots (this is a very solitary road... zero traffic the entire time I was shooting (about 3 minutes... I was scared a car might come... LOL). I did a few b&w shots and I placed the color ones in as well so you can see the contrast. Oh... and I know... yet another tree. Sorry, I'm an Earth sign... trees call my name. LOL

I added a textured overlay in this picture... reminds me of a postcard picture. Almost added the vignette, but decided against it. 

Unedited (only the watermark)

Unedited with the addition of vignette.


  1. First one is a fav! Yes, you can make your own post cards ! It would be cool to send to family that's here back home!! I'm sure they would love it!

  2. Thanks Heather. :0) I like that idea. :0) It's funny, I was thinking about this picture today, and I got a little philosophical. Two trees standing next to each other through all the seasons on the same road... kind of like a marriage. :0) I would go more into it, but my little tot is vying for my attention. LOL