Saturday, January 7, 2012

Day 7/Jan 7: Matryoshka Dolls in Bokeh

Well, my 1st attempt at the bokeh effect. My hubby bought me 2 beautiful Russian Matryoshka dolls for Christmas. Matryoshka dolls, also known as nesting dolls, are a set of wooden dolls that decrease in size and are placed one inside another. Check out Wikipedia if you'd like more information.
One of the dolls (not photographed) my hubby gave me is the traditional doll and the other one depicts my favorite fairytale of all time: Cinderella. I still can't believe he remembered that it has been my favorite fairytale since 3rd grade! :0)

So, I decided to take pictures of my favorite doll and had a lot of fun playing with the Christmas tree lighting (yes, it's still up!) and, in the process, learned how to use the Aperture Priority Mode on my camera. I am starting to feel a bit more like a photographer, versus just a complete and total newbie. LOL


  1. My favorite shots are with bokeh! And bokeh is anything from blurry backgrounds to Christmas lights! I love Christmas light bokeh! I found my pink ones in the move, they might make it to a photo this week... && I love the Middle shot! That's my favorite!!! I love the detail of the dolls on that one!

  2. Thanks! I had so many shots to choose from. LOL :0) And bokeh is a lot of fun! :0) Can't wait to see your pink shots! :0)

  3. Beautiful bokeh! 2nd shot is my fav too!

  4. Good job on the bokeh, Ang!!!! :)