Monday, January 30, 2012

Day 28/Jan 28: Recycling

One of the things I really like and respect about Germany is their recycling rules. Even though it's a bit of a pain, the concern for helping the environment follows along our (hubby and I) way of thinking. We each have a part to play and if everyone contributes, our Earth will be a better place to live in. :0)

In our home, we recycle 4 ways: Paper, Bio, Glass, and Plastics/Aluminum/Styrofoam. Paper is self-explanatory (i.e. cardboard, paper, etc). Bio is for scraps and yard foliage that can be compost (i.e. veggie/fruit peelings, leaves, egg shells, and even a small amount of newspaper and paper towels are placed in this category). We use yellow Gelbesaks (recycle bags) for anything containing aluminum, plastic and styrofoam, etc. And glass, such as wine bottles, empty jars, and so forth. Everything else goes in the regular trash.

Sounds like a lot, right? Well, at first it's a bit difficult figuring out what goes where, but within a couple of weeks it's second nature. We always rinse out things before placing them in their corresponding places (we do this for our sake... don't need things stinking up our home LOL). Also, pick up is on a calendar schedule... only thing is, for glass, there is no pick up. Most towns have some glass recycle dumpsters where you take the glass and place it in the corresponding can.

Soooooo, long story short, my two shots for today are of the glass recycling I threw away and of the glass dumpster. :0) Please, if you have the option in your area or if there are recycling centers near you or on your way to work, please, please, please, RECYCLE! We all need to do our part for our sakes, our children's and our children's children's sake.

This is some of the glass about to be recycled. I had a small bag with more glass jars in it. I do this about once per month.

Even if you can't read German, the colors on the signs should help. Green glass, white glass, brown glass. :0) 


  1. My brother-in-law was stationed in Germany and I remember my sister always griping about how everything had to be recycled. She said she had recycle containers in every room of their apartment just so they wouldn't forget.

  2. That is so cool. I never realized Germany was such a green country! Great pics, Angela!!!

  3. LOL Yes, Germany is very Green :0) And it's tough at first to get used to it, but once you have a system, it flows. :0) And I feel better about helping out. all countries should do this. I know that Italy is another green European country. Every little bit helps :))