Monday, January 23, 2012

Day 23/Jan 23: Schwedelbach

Schwedelbach is the small village we reside in. It's a very cute and cozy village. I was on my way to one of the German stores in the next village over, and as I drove around the roundabout I noticed the sculpture and village shield (all villages have a shield with different things on them that represent the village, so-to-speak). So, I came back later this afternoon to take some shots. Now.... I have soooo many good pics and I don't want to leave any out, so bear with me, I'm posting quite a few of them and I'll try to add a caption on each picture instead of writing on and on about them. I hope you like these shots of the village roundabout entrance.

The sculpture that caught my eye... not sure what it is... must find out.
This trail leads from the roundabout to the next village. On the right is a small park for tots.
Another angle on the bike/walk path.

I couldn't resist snapping some pictures of these berries (even though some are clearly bad).
Schwedelbach shield.
On the left is the Wilkommen (welcome) to Schwedelbach sign.
The Schwedelbach shield in the center of the roundabout.
Really cool plant... the yellow caught my eye. 
Had to capture the sunlight STRAINING to peek out... unsuccessfully.
Silhouette shot.
Little bit of water in the rock bed.


  1. I love days where I get to go "walking" and capture random things! Let me know when you find out what the sculpture is, it looks like something in Alic's dream! c ;

  2. Such cool pics! I love the 4th one..great tones & feeling to it. That shield is pretty cool too!

  3. Thanks ladies! I had a good time, but it was so cold, so i was rushing to snap pictures. LOL I really don't like winter time. :0)