Friday, January 6, 2012

Day 6: Christmas Deco

Well, since my left wrist hurts like crazy and is in a brace, I'm keeping this brief. I took some pics of the garland that frames the doorway leading into the living room, since tomorrow, it must come down. Three Kings day is now almost over, and we must get back to the real world. One cool thing I noticed, if you look at the TV (bottom picture) you'll notice the cartoon is in an archway, so I technically got a shot of a "frame within a frame." Two thumbs up for me! LOL
Poor Sebastian, he looks like he's in jail. I like the fact that I got the tree in the background in the right-hand corner (top picture). I've really enjoyed the Christmas decoration and am very sad to see it go. The ambience in the living room and in the house has been very soothing. Maybe I'll wait until Sunday to take it all down. LOL


  1. Your garland is so pretty... you'd better be giving that baby big hugs from his Auntie Jamie!!!

  2. Thanks Jamie and you know I am! This little boy is so huggable! And lately he's had a bad case of "mommyitis" so he's been extra loving and I'm enjoying every bit of it!! LOL