Friday, January 20, 2012

Day 20/Jan 20: The Sun

I was going to post a picture of my son's new haircut, but after he took his nap, it looked crazy! He gets such awful bed head after his nap. Maybe tomorrow I can get a shot of it... or find inspiration to shoot something else. Having this cold is bringing me down a bit. Blah.

Well, it's the sun... sort of. So, nothing special about this picture. We bought this really cool wrought iron sun from a Moroccan vendor during Weihnacht Markt (German Christmas Market). The center feels like plastic, but it's actually leather that's been stretched VERY taut. In the back is a holder of sorts where you're supposed to slip a lightbulb attached to a cord and it lights it up. We haven't done that yet. LOL

I've taken pictures of it various times at various angles, but the straightforward is what I'm posting today. Maybe later on I'll do a post of the side view.


  1. I love unique finds like that! Been trying to get my husband to take a walk with me around at our flea market! IF the weather is nice tomorrow, I may steal a few minutes of his time and get him to do that with me!