Thursday, January 19, 2012

Day 19/Jan 19: Rings of Relief

I have been going to physical therapy on and off for more years than I care to share (due to a herniated disc). Last year, I re-injured my back and started going back to physical therapy. I really like my physical therapist (he's German) and he has different approaches to helping out my back, one of which, looks like a torture chamber from back in the dark ages (but, in a modern, metal and screws type of way). LOL ;)) I asked him the other day if I could take some pictures of it since a few angles struck me as really cool.

The first one is one of my favorites, since it's centered and I like the way the ring looks. The other 2 show different focuses at an angle. I had MANY other pictures of more parts, but this was the angle that initially made me want to take pictures of it. :0) Welcome to a part of my weekly torture...ahem... healing therapy. LOL

By the way, zero editing (except for adding the watermark).

Here's the 1st picture. The focus is on the ring and I did a pretty straightforward shot.

In this one, I angled the camera a bit and focused on the front ring. I really like how the metal shines in these pictures.

And finally, I changed the focus to the hooks in the back that hold the ropes. 


  1. I think the 2nd is my fav..but it's hard to say. I love the angles, and the color tones. Great randomness with subject matter!

  2. Bless your heart, Angela. I agree with Jennifer, I think the second angle shot is my fav! But I love them all too!