Friday, January 6, 2012

Day 5: Crazy Hail & Wind Storm

We had a CRAZY hail and lightning storm today so I took a few shots to see what I would capture. I really like the tree across the street so I snapped a few shots of it. I also snapped a few shots of the house next to it because I love how the driveway curves up and I tilted the camera to create the angles. (Although, I might have tried to tilt it a little less, in retrospect). The hail was scattered everywhere! LOL


  1. That tree is awesome! :) And the tilt on the shot of the house isn't too bad girl... keep it up.

  2. I like that tree! Can you send me a bit of it to plant here! I can't keep my eyes off of it! Ms. Socks says she would love to play in that tree!

  3. LOL Thanks Jamie and I wish I could send you a bit of that tree. LOL It's really beautiful during the spring and summer. I'm thinking about asking the neighbors if I can get some close up shots when it turns green again. Maybe bring Sebastian and take some pics of him in it. :0) We shall see. I think it's a weeping willow and I LOVE weeping willows. Reminds of the south (especially Louisiana). :0)